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A Brandished Sword Needs a Good Sheath Seldom does one ever find Something so perfect; So pure And come to understand that It was destined to be there’s forever Seldom is it sought out when lost Or grasped when rediscovered …have you ever just known… I’ve never seen such love in someone’s heart For another person As I did when I looked into your eyes As we lay there I held you And we both wept; Sorrow for these many months apart- Joy for this one moment together Seeing your face Sooths all negative emotion; Violence- Anger Our love will never dull Or rust like weathered metal It will always be lustrious People like you Feel as though they don’t belong in this world Simply because the world does not deserve them You were meant to be here in this time and place- You were meant to be here with me. We’ve always known. …you are the sword and I, your sheath.