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All American Punk:

Chris' song

Hes the epidemy of free
and he loves only me
singing along with his NOFX CD
were goin to the Warped Tour

He partys
well drink all night long
doin keg stands
and swimming in the dark
he likes to smoke
he says only weak people let it control them

Hes goin to college on a fully paid scholarship
hes my all American punk
campin with his friends
nights out with the boys
Hes dedicated to his 55 paly
he works all day
he plays all night
he dreams of Everquest and me

He loves to skateboard
he goes to no boarding zones
and the cops rave, Get out of here you punk!
but its all a joke
cause hes the epidemy of free
and he loves only me

My all American punk
with his pix of girls in bathing suits
and boarding
plastered to his walls
and paintball stains on the ceiling

At the end of the day he comes home to me
my all American punk
he rescues me
in his NOFX shirt
and his Volvo
the vulva
peelin out at 80
we blare RANCID

We go to the park
and he pleasures me
my all American punk
hes the epidemy of free
hes not a virgin anymore
cause he loves only me
but I love him more

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