Damn You Angelfire (re-Installment 1):

Ok.  Let me just say that I am seriously not happy with Angelfire right now.  I go to check out my site... see how it's doin... and see that nothin's doin, since NOTHING'S THERE.  I've decided to take this moment to vent how upset I am.  But hey... yeah, all the hard work's gone, but now I can re-focus the site onto something more compact and manageable (you haven't the slightest idea how HORRIBLE it was to maintain the old site).  I've decided to focus on the creative aspect of BTVS: fan fiction (always a hoot) and your own personal opinions - vent, vent, vent!  The abject hilarity page is mostly *my* venting ground... but the message board here is your venting ground - make good use of it!  Something about the show that you loved?  Disliked?  Thought just flat-out didn't belong?  Post it there.  Got some fan fiction that you'd love to share?  Please, do send it to me!  Comments or suggestions for the site... send those along as well.  I want to make this version of B-n-S more original than the old, though albeit nice looking, standard fan site that the old one was.  Lend a hand!  This site is for you guys out there... and, of course, my own personal amusement.
Laura, webmistress of whatever.
P.S. Angelfire re-instated my old account... so now there are two versions of the site. Please visit the old main one here. Thanks, Angelfire for giving B-n-S back to me.

Joss:  Professional Hit-Man?  (or, Whack-a-Character - SPOILERS for "The Body"  You've been warned.):

Ever noticed how some TV shows kill major characters?  On some, such as The Sopranos, it's an expected thing - the drama's true to life.  But on others, like Buffy.. it's not quite so expected.  We see faceless characters bite the biggie week in and week out, and just say "feh" and move on.  When Doyle died on Angel, there was a major outcry.  He was an irreplaceable part of the show.  When Kendra died, there was a sense of "Oh - but... the accent was so cool!  I'll miss it."  Jenny's death was sad if not for the simple fact that it hurt Giles so much.  But... what about the death of a minor character who's been with the series since day one?  One who's played an integral part, complete with good lines?  We had to deal with that with the last episode of Buffy, one simply called "The Body" - Buffy's mother, Joyce, dies from a brain hemorrhage caused by the tumor.  Not a neck bite, not a horrible demon... but by nature.  That is what made is truly disturbing... it was a dose of reality in a fantasy TV show.  The episode was brilliant - great acting, writing, and directing.  It was also hard-hitting... it made you either think about something that you don't want to think about, or it re-scratched some old wounds for others.  The pain of a parent dying, let alone you finding their body, is something that no one wants to go through.  Kudos to Joss for using a character death to both touch our emotions and our thoughts - the episode was sad and a bit disturbing... did they *have* to repeatedly show the body?  Really?  It is unfortunate that Kristine Sutherland's contract lapsed (and she didn't want to renew) - if that is the true story, since I heard that she was back for good for this season to make up for her not being there AT ALL last one.  Her character was a warm, fresh burst of normalcy into the world of Buffy - now that she's gone, and there's the loss for the characters to deal with, how will the show's mood turn? If her contract really is up, and since contracts usually end at the CLOSE of a season, will there be flashbacks or more?  Hopefully not (don't hurt me).  That would undermine the impact of the episode... one worthy of watching, no matter how hard it is to do so.

Dammit, the Ripcord Stuck!  (WARNING: Sopilers for "The Gift."  Again - you've been warned.):

Again, Joss leaves the Buffy viewing public breathing a huge sigh of "What the hell?"  This has been a season of "what the hell?"s for Buffy - the most recent being when it was announced that the show would be leaving the WB for UPN.  Apparently, UPN has money (who knew?) and offered more to Fox per episode than the WB did.  Of course, Fox could have prevented this problem by getting the show on their own damn network, but I guess the Wed. night "classic FOX" (read: re-runs) is such a better idea.  Anywho, Buffy's dead.  She jumped through a portal that only Dawn's blood could have closed (what was up with that) and saved the world for the 8 bazillionth (or 6th, or whatever) time... and the Scoobies buried her.  Makes sense, since she's dead.  Now all that has to be done is to bring her back, since Buffy's returning next year on a network that approx. 3 people get, as opposed to the 6 that the WB gets.  How in God's name is Joss going to do this one?  Stop killing then resurrecting your characters, please.  You're so much better than that.  You hit such a strong note in "The Body" so don't undo it.  If you needed her to live, then keep 'er breathin', man.  Of course, I'm sure the UPN honchos about passed out from lack of breath when they saw the finale.  I could almost hear them say "But, dammit, man!  We just bought this show!" when the Gang gathered 'round the ol' Buffy one last time.