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Shorter College

This Year's roomies

here's me, lauren, & misti, after we fell out of the closet in our hallway, i guess we were supposed to be dead, dont ask, but this really is the only picture i have scanned with the 3 of us together... i love you girls!

Last Year, first semester

Here's Jenn, Mel, April, and myself before going to the Greek Getdown last year, don't we look HOTT?!!! I dont know how they managed to fit so much hottness into one room, but somehow we all survived!! I love you girls!!!

Last Years Roomies- 2nd Semester

Here's Mel, me, and Jenn (hiding on the bed) looking stupid playin w\ Mel's webcam... These were my roommates 2nd semester sophomore year... i love yall!

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