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My Favorite Links

So here they are

American Eagle Outfitters
My School
My Boys from Berry
Amanda's Webpage
Pick the PERFECT engagement ring! (then print it out and leave copies of it laying around your special guy)...
Shorter Xtreme Wrestling
Make anyone think you can speak a foreign language
The Michie Family Homepage (my suite mate)
Brother's Burden: My friends Rick, Chuck and Noah have a band- this is the page
Atlanta's 99x
Lip Smackers- I have something short of an obsession...
For a good laugh.. hehe
The Promise, in Branson, MO
Yeah, i do live here, don't believe the rumors, it's not what you think...
Fiona Apple
Dashboard Confessional
The Spark, interesting quizzes and stuff
What Men Know about Women
What a girl wants
Further Seems Forever
Eric's Webpage
Camp Skyline!

and more...

Free Web Building Help
Zion Baptist Church (my church)!
Quoting Yoda hehe
Rock for Life- Bands against abortion!
The Juliana Theory
Tooth & Nail Records- cool stuff on it
Cool Hand Luke
Welcome to Muppet World
Norma Jean
hehe, the Love Calculator
Buhbuh's (one my boys from Berry) Webpage
Amelia's Webpage
funny tests
The HungerSite- Donate Food
Stacey's Page
Amanda's Original Page
The Death Clock... nice, huh?
Brand New Immortals
The Greenhouse
Mary T's webpage (one of my cooler campers)