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My Ho!

Big Sis Little Sis Night

We were lucky enough to become sisters in Ep Sig, but i was even luckier to be adopted into the Blacksheep Family w\ April! Here we are @ Chilli's celebrating Big Sis Little sis, where we finally have Grand Lil Sis's! We're so old!

White Rose 2001

April said White Rose just isn't the same without me, but last year it wouldn't have been the same without her! Here we are at White Rose last year! Just wait, next year, we'll both be back together!!

April & Matt

Here is my ho, with her boyfriend of almost 2 years, Matt! Yall are the best ever, i love you and miss you both!! April I will never forget our driveby's, ep alcohol (rubbing), the "b" club, cheering (well..i'll try to forget), and of course all of the interesting rap music you introduced me to, including that bong song! Girl you looks good...

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