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More Church Pictures

Baby Brittany

This is my dear sweet friend Brittany who i've known ever since she was very small.... Now she thinks she's all grown up... Brittany is always there to ask you stupid questions, i mean really stupid questions, or she's there to get confused about something and totally make you laugh.. one of my funniest Britt memories was when we told her to get out of Amanda's car and walk home, and she actually did... hmmm... Of course now Brittany is a little more grown up now that's she's got an old boyfriend and all, but she sure is a little more risque!

My Sister

This is my sister Stephanie, her husband Mitch, and my favorite and only nephew, Jarrett! Aren't they so cute all decked out in their 4th of July gear... (rolls eyes) Just joshin!

Big Edd

This is Big Edd, or Eddy, or whatever i decide to call him.... doesn't he look sexy in his speedo, rowl... i hope the swim page doesn't find out i put this picture on my webpage... Ed thinks that girl behind him is "HOT" too bad she's like only 6 years old... And Edd, i mean it, dont' touch me again....

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