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More Shorter Pictures

Miss Misti!!

This is Misti! My current roommate, we share a love for the thrift store, boys, and music among other things, we have had our days, but i love her to death! We sure have learned a lot this year, like what sea monkeys really are, and we've had a lot of laughs at the expense of ourselves.. hehe So I'll lick (eat) the pavement it's gotta be better than waiting... right? Look for more classic Misti and Mel moments coming up soon...

My First Big Sis

This is my original big sis in my sorority, Epsilon Sigma, she was the best.. unfortunately she transfered to West GA, and i miss her a whole bunch, but we're still keeping in touch after all this time, and she was sweet enough to let me be adopted by another GREAT big sis, Robin.... look for more on my Ep Sig page

The Mel's

Here are mel and I getting our groove on at the Spring formal last year- aren't we soo pretty!!! :) This picture did turn out a little better than the one we made @ White Rose!

To See My roommate