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More Fun With Misti

Toga Party

Really, there IS a theme going here i think... Here is Emily (acting as our horse) with Misti and Me @ the First ever Toga Party... we made that chariot ourselves (i knew cheerleading was good for something, like big boxes) we even had little wings on our shoes, but they fell off, we sure were stunning though!

The Artificial Flower

To continue with the theme we have going, here are Misti and I at posing for an "Artificial Flower" picture, you see, we couldn't go to White Rose, so we had our own, and it sure was fun!!

Fun @ Wal-Mart

Well, I hate to break with the theme, but i'm gonna have to, because there haven't been any other events, but anyways, here's Misti & I in Wal-Mart with our buddy Blue...

My April