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More of the Cheerleading Trip

Our trip to the mall


Now I know that Structure is becoming "Express for Men" but could it be because of Mark and Josh and their love of women's clothing? Note the 3 ladies in the doorway stareing at these guys like they're gay

Tiggers & Poohs

No, Jen, and i'm not talkin about your suite mate here.. It happened to be around Halloween and here we are in the Disney Store trying on a couple costumes...

More Fun in the Disney Store

Here we are still in the Disney Store, but in a different section and just about all of us decided to try on a costume. Note that the funniest thing in this picture is Amy dressed as the Milificent, the dragon from Sleeping Beauty... i laugh every time i think about it, and laugh more at us almost not being able to get her out of the costume...

The Last Page of Cheerleading I Promise