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    It is a dark and stormy night, three years after the Order of Skulls performed the "falling"  ceremony and dropped the blue moon onto the Earth. Now, the human race is isolated on one continent, Zion. Zion is ruled by the League of Skulls who are cruel and oppress the people. The only hope, the Zion Resistance. Everywhere, the fall is evident, from the lakes created from the tsunamis to the burned down forests.

    The thunder cracks and the lightning flashes as we see a man draped in a jet-black shawl walking down the stone path. To both sides of him, remnants of "The Fall" are everywhere... Trees toppled, large stones, craters, as well as destroyed settlements.

    He walks into a ruined village hunting supplies. While he is in the shed, several men on horseback ride up to the village. "Hey! What’s that sound?" Just after the man says this, a blade stabs through his neck. "What the hell?!?!" screams one of the men, as the other two begin randomly throwing knives. "I think it came from the shed!" exclaims one of the men, just as the door busts open. "Wh.. who are you?" that was the third man's last words.

    There is a sound of murmuring... The man in the shawl walks over to the largest shed. Inside, there are four women and three men. All in their twenties, tied to the walls. One of the men is trying to cut himself free.

    "Humph," murmurs the man as he cuts lose the prisoners. "Thank you so much!" yells the first woman as she is cut free. The freed prisoners ask him many questions, but he seams pre-occupied. He glances nervously around. The ground begins to rumble and the shed begins to shake.

    The villagers are terrified. They huddle in a corner. "No," says the man, he has a deep, gruff voice, "it COULDN'T be... one of THEM...." Just as he says this a large human shaped collection of rocks rises from the ground. "YOU DIE BY THE ORDER OF MASTER HIRUKE OF THE SKULLS!"

The giant rock charges towards the man, but he easily dodges. The man chuckles. He reaches inside his belt and pulls out a clear, glass bottle filled with a thick, green liquid. He throws it at the rock-monster and it breaks. The fluid covers the monster making him unable to move. "My turn," says the man as he does a round kick on the monsters head. "HAHAHA FOOLISH HUMAN THAT WILL NOT HUR--" he stops mid sentence as his face begins to crack. "No..." says the monster as he is reduced to a pile of sand.

On top of the sand is a small, hexagonal shaped, golden amulet with a rock carved in it.

    "You saved us twice!" says one of the women. She has a sweet voice. She has long, golden hair, a beautiful smile, and aqua-blue eyes. "That deserves a kiss!" She rushes over to the man and pulls down his hood and gives him a long kiss.

    The man has short, jet black hair, matching his shawl, and green eyes. "What’s your name, stranger?" she asks. "Its Keio Manataka..." "I like that name!" "I must be going..." Keio says as he walks out the door and into the dead forest. The Lightning flashes and he disappears into the night.


    Keio has now traveled far enough from the ruined village that the forest is once again green with life. He walks toward it until morning. When he reaches the village, he walks into the local tavern, the Red Belch Bar.

    It isn’t the grandest of buildings, made of wood, the roof and floors are rotten. He sits at the least-rotten looking stool. "Ill have a whiskey, and make it a whole glass." he says. "Comin’ right up!" shouts the bartender. He pours the drink and slides it down to Keio. Keio drinks it in one shot. "Gimme another." he orders. The Bartender shrugs and pours another drink. While the bartender has his back turned, Keio walks out. By the time the Bartender realizes Keio hasn't paid, he is long gone.


    While traveling in the forest, Keio becomes quite hungry. When his stomach growls he pulls out a piece of bread and     begins to eat it. He is following the now dirt path, when he comes to a rather large tree. He shrugs and continues walking.

    As he passes the tree an eerie fog sets in all around him. "What the hell... Damnit! I cant she shit!" he exclaims. Walking, nearly blind now, he comes across a large curtain of vines. He pulls out his machete. But before he can cut them a large, wooden spike flies through his leg. "DAMNIT ALL!" he shout as he turns around to see a large monster standing on the path.

    It looks like a cross between a tree and an octopus. It begins to slash at Keio with its limbs. "I’m gonna kick your ass!" he shouts. He does a flying kick and simply bounces off the tree. "Damnit! That hurt!" he shouts. He jumps into the air again and fires a large, dark beam of energy out of his hands. When it impacts the monster it turns blue and no-longer moves.

    He puts his hands together as if holding a sword and appears to be concentrating. After a few seconds, a ball of dark energy begins to form. He pulls his hands up and the energy begins shooting forward like a blade. He jumps back into the air, and slashes the tree in half. The tree turns to leaves, and an amulet with a leaf inscribed in it falls to his feet.

    The sword begins to fade, as Keio collapses on the ground. When he wakes up, the fog has lifted and he is able to see the path, across a stream to his right. He begins to walk towards the stream. When he reaches it he begins to wade across. He gets about half-way through and a shadow begins to move toward him... "Shit..." he murmurs as he begins to run now. He is within three feet of shore when a Dragon-Looking creature jumps from the water and swallows him whole.


    Keio is trapped inside the monster’s stomach, being eaten alive. “CRAP! HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?!?!” he yells as he begins to punch the walls of the monster’s stomach, burning his hands. “Its hopeless… I’m dead.” he sighs to himself and continues punching. Shortly after, he passes out from the pain.

    When the monster spits him out he is in a large stone building. It is all blue-tinted, and has large, stained glass windows. On the walls is the symbol of the Dragons. Keio is lying on a large, stone table in the middle of the temple. To the right of him, there is a long set of stairs going up, and to his left, a short set going down. When he comes to, he notices both stairs, and makes a break for the shorter pair.

    Just before he reaches them, he hears soft footprints. He turns around to see a woman draped in a white robe coming down the stairs. When he turns back around, the downward stairs have disappeared. The woman seams to be controlling the room. With a snap of her fingers, the table is gone. “What the hell is this?!” he murmurs to himself. For the first time, the woman speaks, “Welcome to MY temple. Now, prepare to die. I will finish you myself!” The woman is wearing an amulet with the same Dragon symbol on it as the temple. She cups her hands and forms a large, blue orb of energy. She throws it at Keio. He manages to dodge, but the explosion from the energy knocks him onto the ground.

    The woman laughs evilly and forms another orb. She throws it and it hits Keio in his back. He is thrown like a rag doll twenty feet forward and into the wall. He is bleeding heavily, and is unconscious. “This is the end for you boy!” the woman shouts as she prepares to form another orb. Keio flinches. “What the hell?” she yells as Keio does a flying kick to her face. She stumbles backwards, bleeding from her right eye and her nose. He has also busted her lip.

    Keio does several round kicks, knocking her backwards into the wall. There are cracks where she hit it. She moves her hands as if holding a sword and a rod of blue energy shoots out. “Beat this, boy!” she yells. Keio, surprised, jumps backwards. “I will!” he yells as he draws his dark sword. He jumps and prepares to slash her in half, when she blocks. Keio does a round kick and knocks her backwards. He thrusts his sword forward and into her chest, on the right side. She falls down, and is laying in a pool of blood on the floor.

    The hole in her chest begins to close. Keio, is terrified. “Shit! There’s no way to kill her!” He takes a few steps back, before she jumps up and begins attacking him again. Keio slashes, and her hood flies off. She has long, blond hair, and evil-looking blue eyes. “NOW YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUE WRATH OF YUNI, GODDESS OF THE DRAGONS!” she yells as she jumps into the air. Her sword fades and a very large orb of blue energy is formed. She struggles, but throws it, and Keio moves to block it with his sword. When the orb dissipates, Keio’s hands are burned black, and his sword has disappeared.

    Keio goes into a frenzy. His eyes go from green to a blackish red color. “BITCH! YOU DIE!” he pulls out a potion and throws it at Yuri. She dodges easily. “Did you really think th--” she is dumbfounded. “A distraction!” She collapses as a large, black orb of energy is shot through her back.

    “I win.” Keio says. Again, the wound heals. Keio is so scared he cannot move. Yuni jumps toward him and shoots large bolts of blue electricity at him. His eyes return to a green color as he collapses on the floor. Yuni picks him up by his hair and punches him in the face until his eyes look glazed. “Its over, boy.” She prepares to throw another blue orb. It hits Keio in the head and he is killed instantly.

    Yuni laughs a few times and walks up the stairs. When she reaches the top, the entire temple fades away, and Keio’s body is lying on the forest floor.



Dragon-Creature: Inhabits the streams of Zion. Eats almost anything that moves. Over 20 feet long. 3 inch teeth are common.

Yuni: The Goddess of Dragons. One of the elite 6 fighters in the League of Skulls. She has several powerful attacks.

Rock Monster: High defense. Weakness is his gem, located on his forehead.

Forest Monster: Around 50 feet tall. Can use branches as whips.