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Happy Birthday Lunarlady !!!

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We have a bond that we named sis.
We have a gift from God which allows us understanding.
We have a grace which grants us unity.
I cherish the gift and the grace
Which makes you "My Sis".
Love You Bunches

There are all kinds of words
For all kinds of people!
But the ones we think of
When we think of you
Wonderful!! Kind!! Compasionate!!
Unselfish!! Beautiful!!
You are always there with kind words
And care about helping others
We am glad that we can call you our "Friend"
One of the best friends we have!!
We love you dearly my dear friend
Wile_Koyote & Shebears

What lay behind us ...
What lay before us ...
Are inconsequential matters,
Compared to what lurks within us.
Reflections of the inner calm that brings us peace.

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