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Random Assorted Nonsense
Friday, May 7, 2004
Shrek 2: The Cereal!
Now Playing: 'The Prettiest Thing' (Norah)
We've conquered the cereal under the sea of SpongeBob. Somehow, I survived the sugar rush of Timon & Pumbaa's "Mud & Bugs" cereal. So the next natural step? I hear there's this movie coming out, and...


Alright, alright. Shrek 2 cereal it is. And what better way to do it but on my green stove? With a green bowl? That worked out well.

There it is, in all of its glory. Kind of an unusual box, really. Sure, it's boxed-shaped. You've barely got the name there at the bottom. I guess you won't really confuse this with Apple Jacks or Smacks with that big green mug covering the box, though.

There's even an offer for a Shrek 2 t-shirt, only $6.99! I should order it and eBay it or something.

That's the back. Not nearly as exciting as the SpongeBob cereal, with the opening flap revealing one of six exciting faces. Ah well. I've always wanted to make a Shrek message board with such exciting sayings as "Eat, stink, and be scary." There's a new song, Dave.

So, let's pour us a bowl. And by us, I mean myself.

It's like Kix! Kix and marshmallows that taste like Lucky Charms marshmallows! Pretty exciting, actually.

There's four of the five marshmallows (I found a fifth one after I took the picture). One of my great joys in life is trying to figure out what characters marshmallows are supposed to be in special edition cereal. The first one is Shrek. That part's obvious. The second one is Princess Fiona. I didn't figure that out last night, hence the upsidedownness of it. The third one... Donkey (again, upside down)? That or a Grateful Dead bear. Not a clue on the last one, but I could make a joke or two.

And that's our fifth one, the Gingerbread Man.

Let's milk it, baby!

You do realize that when I get my monthly urge to buy kid cereal and write about it, I buy a half gallon of milk, use two bowlfuls of it, and forget about it. The things I do for you people.

So, this cereal... pretty great. The marshmallows taste exactly like Lucky Charms marshmallows (possibly because I think the same company makes both marshmallows). And the cereal tastes like Kix! Finally, something that tastes good to go with the Lucky Charms marshmallows instead of the cardboard crap!

Not bad. Not bad at all.

As a sidenote, I bought SpongeBob Pop-Tarts about three weeks ago to review. My mistake was trying one before I reviewed 'em. SO gross. I couldn't bring myself to trying another. Eww. (Ditto for the french toast variety of Pop-Tarts.)

Posted by Andy at 10:52 PM EDT
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