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Sunday, 02/05/2004
So far...
Books read so far in 2004 (I'll update this as I read more):

Pearls Before Swine: BLTs Taste So Darn Good by Stephan Pastis
My favorite comic strip nowadays, in book form. This one was mainly for catching up on what I missed before I discovered the strip.

Pearls Before Swine: This Little Piggy Stayed Home by Stephan Pastis
The catching up process continues. I started reading with Rat joining the Family Circus crew, which is near the end of this volume. I love comic crossovers that are funny.

My Gender Workbook by Kate Bornstein
What can I say, curiousities rage. I was recommended this and gave it a whirl. Pretty fascinating, but it has some majorly boring parts. I naturally found that there was already a copy available to me after ordering one of my own.

A Right To Be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury by Aaron McGruder
I'll take this over Doonesbury anyday (Doonesbury gets TOO serious for me sometimes). Anti-Bush humor and cracks at Ja Rule. I dig. Family Circus it's not (thank god... though Billy leaving a trail behind is always fun).

Ego Trip's Big Book of Racism edited by Sasha Jenkins, et al
A great mix of humor and seriousness from a non-honky view, which is refreshing here in southeast Georgia (or in the United States, most of the time). This made me laugh out loud and, pages later, feel REALLY bad about some of the racism that's happened in this country and is still happening today. Highly recommended.

Chair Shots & Other Obstacles by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
The most hilarious guy in sports entertainment history writes... a self help book. A nice, quick read. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to those who aren't even vaguely familiar with the sport, but to those who even know Hulk Hogan from The Rock, it's a decent read. Great stories.

50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know by Russ Kick
A fun, very quick read, just as the title states. Want to know how to mail a letter without postage (no, haven't done it, dad)? Did you know an atomic bomb was dropped on North Carolina? A former Pope wrote erotica? Fascinating stuff.

Everything You Know is Wrong edited by Russ Kick
Another from the same guide. Much, much more in-depth. We knew *so* much about 9/11 before it happened. And Columbine. And so on. Good read, but borders on boring at times. Very wordy (and that's coming from me).

Slate's Field Guide to the Candidates 2004 by Slate Magazine
I bought this mainly because at the time, I was way uninformed about every candidate not named Bush or, strangely, the Rev. Al Sharpton. This... kinda helped, I guess. Sadly, by the time it came out, we were down to four or five of the candidates even mentioned and half of the info had changed.

Leaving Springfield edited by John Alberti
A good read if you're a Simpsons fan (and, of course, I am). How does the Simpsons rate as political satire and how is it involved with mass media? This'll tell you. Or it'll at least rekindle good Simpsons storylines.

Journals by Kurt Cobain
I won't lie. Didn't like Nirvana when they were originally big. I finally gave them a real try, outside of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," late last year. And really liked it. So, as a rookie fan, I was intrigued by this. I was intrigued by this the day we got in the hardcover edition at the bookstore. It's a book of a guy's journals, with the actual pages (or copies)! Fun. Some of it's wildly interesting. Some of it's boring. Good if you're a music fan and wonder.

Posted by Andy at 1:53 AM EDT
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