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Andy Online
Monday, May 17, 2004
Stealing underpants is big business!
I offer you a proposition! As we all know (or not), "This Book Will Change Your Love Life" will be out in November. Much like I've done with "This Book Will Change Your Life," my plans thus far are to follow along with it here on AO. This is where you come in. Join me! That's right... I'd like to get another person or two to sign into the blog and post YOUR entries. No worries about being prompt every day... it's obviously no big deal to me, seeing how I go for a week at a time without updating. You can sign in and post it yourself when you get the urge. If you're interested, let me know! And if I *have* a love life, that'll make the blog that much more fun.

Speaking of which, This Book Will Change Andy's Life is updated.

Also new: TWELVE new pictures in Photos That Didn't Make The Cut. Eight of those are classic Andy pictures, some of which have never been online before! (And most of them are blurry... that'll be fixed at a later date.)

I did part two of the "celebrity crush" thing in Five by Five, too. Anticlimatic. Lost interest. Oops.

Spring's hottest fashion trend for men: pink. If Andre 3000 can pull it off...

NASA has discovered a $565 billion accounting mistake. Oops... how'd THAT get by.

GNOME STORY! Man has to cover up naked gnomes... sorrow ensues.

The Subserviant Chicken doesn't do mainstream. Well, you know, except for an article on

The sausage whacked at the Brewers game last night has announced her retirement. Yes, you read that right. And no, I did not mean THAT.

GOOSE STORY! Geese in Canada don't have the bird flu. So they flew away. (da-da-dum!)

Posted by Andy at 3:10 AM EDT
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