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Alina at 6 months

Introducing Alina

Please join us in our excitement as we welcome Alina to the family of Ken, Alison and Mac.

We have been looking for a little girl for almost a month now.  We first saw Alina's picture three days ago.  We knew immediately that she was the one.  We received a video of her yesterday and she is just precious.  Alina was born on March 6, 2000.

She will be approx. 8 months when we go to pick her up.  We will do both adoptions in the same time period while in Kaz.  Alina is currently in Almaty which is where we will be staying.  We won't be able to get her immediately upon arrival in Kaz like we will with Mac.  Once the children are in an orphanage they require you to visit with them daily for 2 weeks prior to taking custody.  This is good for the children so they are familiar with you.  

We are so excited and have double the preparation now.  Just when I had one room almost ready I will get to start on another.  We think it will be so special to Mac and Alina to have a sibling from the same country and also someone who resembles them.   

These are probably the only photos that we will have of Alina.  Having the video is even better.  She smiles and looks so pleasant, healthy, and right on track developmentally.  

Please keep Alina and Mac in your prayers.  Just a month and a half and we will meet them for the first time....we can't wait.


We are happy to announce that Alina's middle name will be Valerie.  She will be named after my sister Valerie (Alina's Aunt Val) who has been a tremendous source of support throughout the past 2 years.    Now Alina will share my initials AVP.  We will meet Alina for the first time on 11/20 only 28 days.


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