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Ace Striper & Hybird Fishing Guide

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  • 1 or 2 Persons $300
  • 3 People $350
  • 4 to 6 People $100 a person

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On this web site you can also find information on: Georgia and South Carolina State Parks, marinas, bait and tackle stores, restaurants, realtors, cabins, weather and more. Post your photos, hunting fishing reports and buy and sell hunting and fishing equipment!

My name is Daniel LaDow and I am a Full-Time USCG Licensed Clarks Hill Lake Striper Guide or Thurmond Lake Striper Guide fishing Clarks Hill/Thurmond Lake and Murray Lake SC year round. My deep V saltwater 211CCEverglades boat is fully rigged to fish a guide party up to six people. There is no need to bring any fishing gear everything is provided for you. While no one can guarantee fish.... You can't catch fish sitting at home! For my guides catches of 15 to a limit of fish between 2 and 8 pounds are common March through November. December through Febuary will produce less fish but chances of catching a 20lb plus fish are greater. I also provide guided Lake Tours and fish guides for white perch.

As you SC striper guide you will get 8 hours of fishing or your limit, whichever comes first. Limit is 10 fish per person-guide not included. Being a GA Striper guide help me break the Clark Hill Lake Striper record of 55lbs 12oz and the Hybrid bass record of 20lbs 6oz., but know a 8 pounder will nearly pull you out of the boat. February 2001 we caught a 43lb striper. Most fish caught are between 2lbs and 8lbs.

I primarily fish with live bait and even the novice fisherman will soon be reeling them in. Large groups, corporate and business trips are welcomed.

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