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Midi playing: Black Cat

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the X-Men Evolution RPG page. This is a fun role playing game set aside for the characters of X-Men Evolution as well as other characters the players have created themselves.

If you're not on this e-mail rpg list, and you want to participate, there are some things to read over first. First of all, there are the rules of the game.

1)NO MAKING ACTIONS FOR TAKEN CHARACTERS! If it isn't your own, then don't post their actions.

2)No killing characters without GM (Jet Vega) permission.

3)Keep language under PG-13 level and no graphic displays of sex.

4)Try to post at least three times a week. If you're out of town, tell us before you're gone so your character won't get killed or left behind or anything. But, there is a post limit of 15 {leeway of 20} posts per person a day.

5)Here are the message headings:

OOC: Out of character- anything in your post that is coming from you not your character

OT: Off topic- Not having much anything to do with the game; not too many of these please.

Ruling: If it's directed towards you, it means you did something the GM didn't approve of. If one is issued to you, don't take it personally. Just learn from it and keep having fun (just stay reasonable).

RSP: Response- not extremely necessary, but recommended for responding posts

(ex. ): Put this at the end of your message to let someone know you're waiting for a response from them. If you're tagged and you don't respond for a week, you'll get busted for it.

And finally, put your characters name/codename at the top of your post so we know who it is (ex. =Logan=)

6) Stay in sync with how your character 's personality goes. Toad wouldn't sit in a corner and cry if someone calls him a freak. Logan wouldn't sit in a coffee shop to feel "emo". Scott wouldn't cuss out anyone. You get the picture...

7) Please no god moding or powerplaying. I do not see anything wrong with having powerful characters. According to some peoples standards, Logan is a godmode character. Juggernaut is a godmode character. Toad is a power-play character.

Fortunately, these aren't my standards. Just keep it real. Life ain't all roses and glory. Throw some nasty stuff at your character. Let 'em get injured. If you're god moding or power playing, I'll let you know offlist. If you keep doing it, then you'll be in trouble, but don't get too stressed over that one. I'm all about creativity verses complaining.

8) Be righteous...

9) Character limit is 4. Sorry, but over four characters, it becomes difficult to keep up with.

10) No more characters that are sons/daughters of characters such as Magneto, Mystique, Sabretooth, Professor X, or Logan. They are only allowed in special cases (such as if its a character from the comics with that relation).

11) Membership in the Brotherhood or X-Men must be done through role play. Both groups are secret and it doesn't make sense for anyone to just walk up to Mystique or ring the Institute's doorbell and say 'I wanna join.'. The same goes for knowing established characters such as Cyclops or Nightcrawler. Unless you've already discussed this with the respective players before playing, you cannot say your character already knows them.

Now, I'm sure everyone wants to know who is on the cast of the game so far. I'll do it by sections. Hopefully, I'll have pages set up for the game characters to point out strengths and weaknesses. Mind you, characters on the show may not have the exact same personality here. Also, for those traveling my Evo section, my fan pages for Quicksilver, Nightcrawler and Toad have no affiliation with character interactions on this game. They will have game pages...since all players should be recognized and appriciated. If I've missed anyone, just let me know and remind me of your part. No one should be left out. Click here to see who's who and get to know the characters.

Characters Needed

These are characters from the show that still have parts open. If you want to be any of these characters, you are welcome to them. Keep in mind that sometimes the characters are idle for a long time or vacated while in play. In such cases, the names will be put back on the vacant list and may be taken by another player. But only if the character is vacant, taken away from the original player due to accessive idle-time {the time where a player does nothing to acknowledge the character}, or if the player willingly trades characters.

X-Men Vacancies

Jean Grey

Ororo Munroe/Storm

Ray Crisp/Berserker

Robert DaCosta/Sunspot


Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat

Brotherhood of Mutants Vacancies

Tabitha Smith/Boom-Boom

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Other Vacancies


Any of the Morlocks


Everyone should be aware that new characters are being added to the show. Keep an eye on the cast list for new openings.

As you can tell from our cast, made-up characters are fine. This too has it's rules and limitations. Rule number 7 being top rule. No godmoding characters. It's alright to have a powerful character, and some of the made up characters are so, but, having the most powerful in the world/universe/galaxy isn't exactly an attractive feature in a game like this. If you want a character with great power, so be it, but be sure that your character has some weaknesses or faults. After all, most of them are only human after all. Also, you cannot play your created character without moderator approval. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the bio form format.

Despite the list of "mutant" characters created by players, ordinary people may take part too. We do appriciate a "normal" character, or a teacher, or whatever. A good example is, perhaps someone would like to broaden an already created "normal" character, such as Duncan Matthews from Episode one: Strategy X. The possibilities aren't exactly slim.

To submit your character for approval, you must fill out a bio form. Just paste the bio form to your e-mail msg and send it to the Powers That Be for approval. Please put X-Men_E in the header somewhere as we are involved with other games and we can address submissions and questions easier when we know what game you are referring to.

After you have been approved, please put your bio in the Bio folder in the files section on the yahoo site along with any pictures you have for your character. Once your character's webpage is up, please move the bio and pics to the appropriate group folder and delete it out of the Bio folder.

Not so fast! If you're not a member of X-Men_E and would like to be, you have to do some things first. You have to go and sign up. Go here and get your membership approved. Or use the box at this link.

On a personal note, I think if you have no experience with X-Men Evolution, this may be somewhat odd to adjust to. This is not like the movie or comic book. The characters' personalities have changed for this particular show, and some of their names have been changed as well. They are {almost all} teenagers. If you haven't watched the show, it might be wise to do so to understand the personalities being displayed by set characters here. This will make interaction much easier between newbie players and players with made-up characters with veteran players.

Also, I think it's wise to try to make some sense when participating in a thread. Settings can be very important in determining who's character can be where. Sabertooth or Wolverine would very unlikely be at the high school, wandering the halls for kids. Unlikely but not impossible. Remember, this is a story that all players can partake in within different settings, moods, and environments. If it makes sense, it is easier for others to participate.

We haven't had any problems with the sense factor so far, so this was just my personal thought. The main rule is to have fun and enjoy the interaction.

ALSO, the Powers That Be have asked to avoid character traits that are deeply involved in controversial things, such as religion. Personally, we see no problem with a Pagan character, however, the point has been made that this is not a Dungeons and Dragons rpg, nor a religious rpg. Please try to keep these things strictly limited if not avoided to avoid problems.

Of Interest

Due to player requests, we now have a fanart section. The only rule here is to keep things PG-13 like the game. Take a look around, there's some talent here. :) mentioned before, there is a post limit of 15 {leeway of 20}. Anyone nearing their limit or is involved in a long thread, you have two choices. Either do a combo post through off list emails or in an instant messenger conversation. When the thread is done, post it onsite and don't forget to put a mention of *Combo Post* either in the header or in an OOC note on the post itself.

09-01-02 Every Sunday any updating on the website is done so check back every week for new bios and fanart.

8-29-02 Due to problems with getting to the OOC/Over the limit/Bio Board, an OOC group has been set up to replace the OOC. Bios will be put up in the files of the Yahoo site after being approved and Over the limit posting will have to be done through side emails or in instant message conversations, then posted when done. Click here to join as well.


This website has been kinda sorta turned over to new management. Vi still owns it, but she's handed the main work over to Vampi. Please be patient and check back often as the site is being refurbished.

4-40-01 Want an icon to put on your site to show you are a member of the RPG group? {And you have to be a member, otherwise it wouldn't be a group}. Vi tinkered with Photoshop and made some interesting icons for members' web sites. She hopes to make more soon....this is just a start. They can be found here.

New Link System

To get rid of those messy links, Vi decided to put one big one and it will connect this game to the rest of my site as well as RPG games that Vi owns. One big community.