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Name: Charles Xavier

Code Name : Professor X

Age: unknown

Power: Telepathy

The Facts:

Professor Charles Francis Xavier is the owner of the School For Gifted Youngsters, also simply called the Institute by his students. He is the sole creator of the X-Men. He believes that the mutant race and the "normal" race may live together in harmony. He's sort of like your Martin Luther King Jr. type of guy.

Xavier has made it his mission to recruit young mutant and persuading them in helping him carry out his mission. He brings these mutants to his intitute where he provides them room and board.

He has a very patient and understanding disposition. He certainly must have those skills to take up a whole team of hyperactive mutant teenagers. He doesn't threaten his students, but tries to provied a guiding and loving hand. He truly cares for his team.

Specific Enemies: Magneto, Juggernaut.

Name: Scott Summers

Code Name: Cyclops


Power: Optic blasts

The Facts:

Scott was the original member of the X-Men. Xavier took him in at a early age. Scott also has a brother, who has yet to be named, though those who are familiar with X-Men already know who he is. He is unable to control his powers so he wears sun-glasses or a visor to keep them in check.

He enjoys having the other students around. He's like a big brother to them, being the oldest "kid" in the intitute. He's a very responsible leader, for the most part and sincerely cares for everyone's well-being. He can, however, get carried away and get too serious. He is seen spending most of his time with either Jean or Kurt.

He values and trusts the powers of his teammates. He feels it is his job to help them better themselves. Each of his teammates has an advantage, and he repsects that.

Specific Enemies: Avalanche .

Name: Jean Grey

Code Name Jean Grey

Age: 16-17?

Power: Telekenisis and limited telepathy

The Facts:

Jean's parents are still together and she has a non-mutant sister. Jean, for the most part, is normal, personality wise. She is very popular in high school and enjoys cheerleading. She is the backup conscience of the group.

She gets along well with the other members of the team. She acts responsibly. And works well with others...or tries to at least.

Specific Enemies: none

Name: Rogue

Code Name Rogue

Age: 15

Power: Absorbtion

The Facts:

This Mississippi Mud-Slinger has quite a character. She, obviously becomes an X-man, but only just barely gets along with the others. She, honestly, prefers the company of the Brotherhood, though she does not partake in their raids, no take sides when the two teams face off.

Rogue is a recluse and an artistic goth. She possesses an attitude, though it doesn't intimidate everybody.

Spoiler, except to the X-Men fans, Rogue and Mystique have a lot more connecting them than the Brotherhood. { We have a family tree growing here.}

Specific Enemies: Mystique

Name: Kitty Pryde

Code Name: Shadowcat

Age: 14-15?

Power: Ability to phase through solid objects

The Facts:

A valley girl, Kitty wasn't all too popular at her old school, where she met Lance {Avalanche}. She remained in denial about her powers and wanted to live a normal life until Lance offered her the opportunity to control her powers. The incident ended up making Kitty choose to join the X-Men.

She gets along fairly well with the other students at the institute. She has a slight crush on one of them, who is unnamed { and driving fans insane.}. She does well in school, and is a vegitarian. She has a lot of spunk and will gladly go into battle if it's for a just cause.

Specific Enemies: Avalanche

Name: Kurt Wagner

Code Name Nightcrawler

Age: 15-16?

Power: teleportation

The Facts:

A German boy, Kurt came to the institute in the first episode. Xavier had given him a holo-watch, allowing him to have a "human" appearance so that he may mingle with other people.

Despite his appearance, he seems to love people and loves the attention he brings to himself by way of his antics and jokes. The team's goofball, Kurt tries to keep everyone smiling one way or another.

Kurt also has a prehensile, spaded tail, estimated at three feet and is thought to hold at least his own body weight.

Kurt is very energetic and enjoys adventure....and eating. He's definately a burger buff. He possesses as well as a tail, a fine coat of blue fuzz/fur and a flexible spine, allowing him to remain comfortably in a crouch or in other harful positions for a long period of time without damaging his posture, though he does have a slight slouch. But, walking on your toes might do that to ya. For more on Nightcrawler, why not check out my fan page at: Nightcrawler's Ledge. He's my alltime favorite Evo X-man.

Specific Enemies: None as of yet, though Toad seems to have a big dislike for him...and Mystique...well....that's a long story.

Name: Evan Daniels

Code Name Spyke

Age: 14-15?

Power: Can grow spikes and can also shoot spikes.

The Facts:

Evan is a street-skating city kid from New York. He has relatives in the institute. His aunt, Storm, tends to take a lot of responsibility for him.

He is a brash kind of kid, with a sense for competition and...a small lack of maturity. And, unlike most mutants, he is very proud of his abilities. He gets along well with the other students, but has a tendancy to be one of the hardest to keep controled due to his high desire for thrill and adrenaline.

Despite his lack of control and maturity, Evan is very intelligent. A good example is in Middleverse. There is definately quite a road ahead for him, but he's ready to take it on.

Specific Enemies: Quicksilver, his life-long rival.

Name: Ororo Monroe

Code Name Storm

Age: unknown

Power: Ability to manipulate the weather/elements.

The Facts:

Storm has undergone a style change for this show. She is one of the adults at the institute and acts as a mentor to all who attend. She has a bond with her nephew, Evan, whom she is always looking out for. She is a very serene character, trying not to let her emotions go, as it is very difficult to control her powers.

Storm is severely claustrophobic, meaning small and tight areas immobilize her with fear. This fear surfaced after being buried under a collapsing wall when she was four.

Storm is a good role model and is very artistic and honest. However, being an adult in a teen-based cartoon, she is only a supporting character.

Specific Enemies: none

Name: Logan

Code Name Wolverine

Age: unknown

Power: healing factor. Added feature is the abdamantium skeleton and claws.

The Facts:

Wolverine was once part of the Weapon X project. He is now just a presence at the Xavier institute, keeping an eye on the "kids," giving them advice, and sometimes causing friction. Whether he means it or not, it seems he somehow is involved with some of the trouble the younger team members get into.

Wolverine knows very little about his past. He is in constant battle with his own memories, or lack thereof. He is not a member of the team per se. He is more like...the presence. He kind of keeps everyone in line.

Specific Enemies: Sabertooth, they go back a LONG way.

Name: Robert "Bobby" Drake

Code Name : Iceman

Age: 15-16?

Power: Ice manipulation and can create ice. Can turn himself into ice.

The Facts: Bobby Drake is a very adventurous soul. He enjoys a challenge and anything with power and speed. Other than that....little is know about the Evolution version of Bobby. More into when available.

Specific Enemies: None

Name: Sam Guthrie

Code Name :Cannonball

Age: 17

Power: possesses the ability to generate thermo-chemical energy, released from his skin through an act of will.

The Facts: Other than looking a LOT like Lance, I dunno anything about the Evolution version of this character yet. More info to come.

Specific Enemies: none

Name: Jubilation Lee

Code Name : Jubilee

Age: 15?

Power: Can create "fireworks," as she calls them, from her hands. These are just colorful blasts.

The Facts: I know a bit about Jubilee from the Fox version, but little on the Evolution version other than she is outgoing and has an adventurous personality.

Specific Enemies: none

Name: Rahne Sinclair

Code Name :Wolfsbane

Age: 14

Power: Has the ability to shapeshift into a werewolf or into a wolf all together. Though it looks more like just a dog in the show.

The Facts: Little is known about the Evo version. More info later.

Specific Enemies: none

Name: Jamie Madrox

Code Name : Multiple

Age: 12

Power: Can create duplicates of himself on impact.

The Facts: The youngest member of the team and the only one not attending Bayville High School, cuz he's not in high school yet. The slightest nudge or bump will make Jamie duplicate himself. Each dupe has a part of his personality and can be terminated by smooshing them back into the original. Little is known about the Evo version other than that....and that he was so adorable in "Joyride."

Specific Enemies: none

Name: Amara Aquilla

Code Name : Magma

Age: ???

Power: Can turn herself into a walking lava-person and can create an manipulate lava

The Facts: I don't know a thing about this character yet. The powers were just a guess for now. More info later.

Specific Enemies: none

Name: Ray Crisp

Code Name : Bezerker

Age: ???

Power: Not quiet sure yet....but I'll find out sooner or later

The Facts: No clue....more info to come later.

Specific Enemies: none

Name: Roberto Dacosta

Code Name : Sunspot

Age: ???

Power: converts solar energy into superstrength and flight

The Facts: Dunno anything about the Evo version yet. More info later.

Specific Enemies: none

Sorry, the poll has been removed cuz I lost all my info to update it.

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