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Cody J. James


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Cody James was born January 28th 1837 in Franklin County Georgia. Catharine Gains was born October 4, 1838. Mary E. Hanley was born March 5, 1883.


Cody was first married to Cathrine Gains the daughter of John Gains a Franklin County miller.  They were married on November 7, 1861. Cody and Cathrine lived next door to each other and grew up together. He was 24 and she was 23 when they were married.


When Cody was 27 years old, on April 25, 1862, he went into the Confederate army. He joined a local Franklin County unit, Company K 52nd regiment Army of Tennessee.  I will not go over his full war record but starting with the battle of Kennesaw Mountain on June 27th 1864 he was in the battle of Atlanta.  The main battle of Atlanta took place on and around the 22nd of July 1864.  I recall my grandmother telling me that he took her to the Cyclorama and showed her the bale of cotton he fought from behind.  I never had the opportunity to have her show me but there are not that many.  He then went to Tennessee for a large battle where there were very heavy causalities on November 30th 1864.  A short time later he was in the battle of Nashville on December 15th and 16th. He was captured on the 16th and sent to a prisoner camp named Camp Chase.  He was released on the 12th of June 1865.


Cathrine died January 18, 1880.  She is buried in the James Family graveyard near their home. Soon after she died, on March 16, 1880, he married Mary E. Hanley.


Cody and Cathrine had five children that I know of.  They were Thomas L.; John L.; Alice B.  and Cody C. He and Mary had three children. They were Sheperd, Alex and Stewart.


Just before the war or just after Cody built a home of logs that is still lived in today. It no longer looks like a log home as it has been covered over with planks.  Several of the out building are still of logs.  The home is located on the left side of the road 2.3 miles north of Highway US #29 on Georgia # 174.


Cody died February 16, 1925 in Jackson County. He is buried at the family graveyard in Franklin County.  Mary also is buried there. She died December 12, 1924.  Their grave markers have some dates switched.


The family graveyard is located on county road # 167.  You turn left 2.5 miles North of US # 29 off Georgia # 174. Then you go one mile and it is on the left just before County # 166.


Down that same road you will pass the old family home place.  It is on the right .6 miles down the road.  Some one has placed a   marker where the house once stood beside the old roadbed.  This is about 200 feet off the paved road.  At .85 miles down on the left next to a small stream is the house place where Cody was born.  Parts of an old log barn are still there. A plank house has replaced the old log house.


CODY’S FAMILY BIBLE IN PDF FORMAT. (Size 1.73MB) Acrobat Reader is required to read. Until his death a few years ago this bible was in the possession of Lisbon James in Gainesville, GA.

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