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Our Bench Legged Feist

Our Bench Legged Feist were started from a cross of Roper's Rowdy and Wayne Fuqua's Du's Little Honey. Honey goes back to Davis' Spot and Orris' Lady on the bottom and Roper's Rowdy on the top side. Rowdy goes back to the Streward Family in TN. Both sides go back to the 1800's

Three Bench Leg Feist

These Bench leg Feist were sired by: Roper's Rowdy (pictured on page 61 in Squirrel Dog Basics Book) Early starters, great treeing little dogs and they make great house pets also.

This is Rip, an ol timey Bench Legged Feist. He is from Roper's Rowdy & Peppie (the dark brown & white dog in the picture above jumping up on the tree)she is from Roper's Rowdy & Du's Honey.

This is Browny, he out of Rip & Shorty,he will carry on the Roper's Rowdy blood line of bench legged Feist.

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