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jincey ware b,orn 10 oct 1798 ga.

her father edward ware b 18 oct 1760 amherst va-d 3 nov 1838 madison ga. he married sarah thurmond on 6 may 1782 danielsville madison ga . sarah b abt 1764 in va.

edward ware's parents were father nicholas ware b 1735/1739 in caroline va-d 1776.he was a sgt in revolutionary war. nicholas wife was mary thompson b abt 1731 caroline,va.

nicholas father was james ware b 1714 in va and nicholas mother was elizabeth garrett b abt 1690 in va.

james ware's father was edward ware b 1685 va and james's mother was elizabeth garrett b abt 1690 in va.

Edward ware's father was valentine ware b abt 1664 hampton va-d 1693 in va.

valentine ware's father was peter ware b abt 1644 in Ireland -d hampton va. valentine ware's mother was ? valentine b abt 1646 in va.

peter ware's father was peter sr b abt 1622 in ireland.

peter sr's parents were father Robert ware b abt 1602 england or ireland. and peter sr's mother was jane.

Robert ware's parents were father james ware b 1568 yorkshire, england-d 1632 dublin ireland. he was Knighted. peter's mother was mary briden b 23 dec 1566 st edmundsbury dublin ireland-d 5 dec 1632 dublin ireland. james and mary were m 1590 in dublin ireland.

james ware's father was christopher ware b 1548 yorkshire england. mary briden's father was ambrose bryden yes bryden not briden. he was b 1550 st james -d dublin ireland, bury st edmunds suffolk england.


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