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The Hand Maiden - Roswell Georgia

Pottery , More Pottery And A Few Poems

The Hand Maiden is owned and operated by Laura Poston more commonly known as Vegamax. Come on in and browse around. The store is located in the Roswell, GA Town Mall. You can't miss it!! There are over 1,000 pieces to choose from. If you don't see what it is you are looking for all you have to do is ask and I will see what I can whip up for you. Commissioned pieces usually can be completed within three weeks.

My in stock merchandise is glazed stoneware and raku. Raku is a technique which I am just beginning to work with. It is an ancient firing process which results in beautiful colors and wonderful small cracks in the glaze giving it an appearence of a very old piece.

I couldn't let you out of here with out subjecting you to one of my poems. Hope you like it....


The haunting music dead of night
sleepy time visions as they drifted, limbs entwind
Telling to each of what they saw, behind closed eyes

He became the wolf, so powered by hunger
for the slight dingo so free!
She flaunted her scent so wantonly

Over shifting deserts he trampled
and seas his spirit soared
he sensed so strong, She went that way!

Melodies guided him to wander the edge
where he heard from well tuned ears
his name she called carried by her summers' breeze

Battling natures hazards he looked to the moon
and howled his delight
The eclipse of their souls can be heard most nights.

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