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Mr. Larry Hoover

Larry Michael Hoover
Chairman of B.O.S & V.O.T.E
11/30/50 Born in Jackson, Miss.
1954 Moved to Chicago in
1973 Locked up for 150 - 200 yrs. and saw the light of change
1982 Gained a "Vision" of Better Growth & Development
Started B.O.S as well as 21 Centry V.O.T.E
1997 - Now at Colorado State Pen.

Mr Hoovers View Points:

On prison life:
" You become more conscious in prison- of life, of community, of your own mortality-- so you better understand the need for survival. You don't just see what's hapening to you, you see why it's happening, and can start thinking about makin changes to make sure it doesn't happen to you and your offspring in the future."

On gang political activism:
" I realized that these street gangs could be the salvation of the community, because street gangs were at the core of most of the negative things goin on....If the leadership would start thinking positive then they could redirect that negative energy and become a viable part of the community."
" You can't deal with street organizations from the outside....I've ben out there, I've done everything they have. I've robbed and been they can relate to me."

On Chicago politics:
"[ Chicago's political machine] can't control the apathetic vote, and that's what I was advocating that we wake up- street gang members, people who live in the projects, homeless...Mayor Daley is afraid of me because he understands the potential of the type of movement I'm tryin to push..."

This Page is not to say join a gang but if you are in one make it positive, and while you are at it Vote peace.