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Descendants of Hugh Montgomery

Generation No. 1

1. HUGH MONTGOMERY was born Abt. 1657 in Ulster, Donegal Co., Ireland. He married (1) JANE HAMILTON. He married (2) JANE EDGAR. He married (3) JANE PATRICK.


Hugh Montgomery was a Captain in the English/British Calvary, stationed in North Ireland in the late 1680's-1700's. Later, he was promoted to Major. In the book "Ireland in the Empire" 1688-1770, is an article that says that "Duke of Ormond, Lord Lt. over No. Ireland, for the Crown, immediately after the Parliament for 1703-1704 ended it's Session, left for London, but appointed for his absence, as Lords Justices Sir Richard Cox, Major General Thomas Earle and Hugh Montgomery, Earl of Mount Alexander. So in 1703, he was made an Earl and given the title of Earl of Mount Alexander.

Children of HUGH MONTGOMERY and JANE HAMILTON are: 2. i. CATHERINE MONTGOMERY, b. 1684, Near Convoy House, County Donegal, Ireland; d. 1760, Long Canes Creek in South Carolina. ii. JAMES MONTGOMERY, b. 1690. iii. THOMAS MONTGOMERY, b. Abt. 1700. iv. JANE MONTGOMERY, b. Abt. 1700. v. MARY MONTGOMERY, b. Abt. 1700; m. JAMES PATTERSON, Abt. 1732.

Generation No. 2

2. CATHERINE MONTGOMERY (HUGH) was born 1684 in Near Convoy House, County Donegal, Ireland, and died 1760 in Long Canes Creek in South Carolina. She married (1) ALEXANDER STUART 1705 in Ireland. She married (2) JAMES PATRICK CALHOUN 1713 in County Donnegal Ireland.

Children of CATHERINE MONTGOMERY and ALEXANDER STUART are: i. ALEXANDER STUART, b. 1706, Ireland; m. UNKNOWN, Ireland. ii. MARY CATHERINE STEWART CALHOUN, b. 1713, Londonderry, Ireland; m. JOHN NOBLE.

Children of CATHERINE MONTGOMERY and JAMES CALHOUN are: iii. JEAN CALHOUN. iv. JAMES CALHOUN, b. 1716; m. SUSANNA LONG. v. EZEKIEL CALHOUN, b. 1720; d. 1762; m. JANE EWING, 1742. vi. WILLIAM CALHOUN, b. 1725. vii. PATRICK CALHOUN, b. June 11, 1727; m. M