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From The Desk Of 1st C. Bone

Dear Struggle Brothers & Sisters,

I've been On-line since December of "97", within this time I've meet folks from all over the states. It's hard to say who is real & Who is fake, and On-line I would never say but right now I will say what I would say in your face, and that is that before you call someone fake make sure you're strait. On this day of Friday, September 03, 1,999 I talked to a Folks in another State, who said they had folks going around saying they "Tru Folk" which is supposed to be a small clique within Folks. I've been in G. D. since I was 8, that's 10 years now. That's too long to have some young Country boys messing this Organization up. Never has it been, or should it be different Cliques in G. D.. If you're G. D. that's what you are, if you're B.G.N or I.G.N that's what you are nothing else. As far as I.G.D. & B.G.D., G.D. droped I's & B's for the fact that we are not just a bout Blacks, we are for everyone, and 2 Insane is to be mentaly dead, & not able to Grow or Develop. only I's & B's is I.G.N. & B.G.N.(New Breeds)

On the Subject of Knowledge, Knowledge comes from Chicago, ILL, & Florence, CO so all of the Knowledge should be the same every where, but due to the fact that brothers get ran out of the Chi the move to different places to hide, in the process of hiding the take the knowledge they know, add some to it, get a few followers, & start up they own decks. If you don't believe me ask a brother for his Document of Membership, & see how many can show it to you. overall IM saying no folks can call another folks fake because if his knowledge is different it's not his fault, it's his 1st C., or Gov.'s fault. S.O.S contrary to beliefs have the same Knowledge as B.O.S.. Just to let everyone know G.D. has 2 books we go by & they are the "Blueprints(from Gangster Disciple to Growth Development) 1 writein by Hoover & the other by Rodrick Emery Sr.. The Book by Emery is a blue book with the sky & a picture of the city of Chicago on it.

On the Subject of Gangbanging, Folks is not a Gang so why should we gangbang with Crips, & Bloods? Folks have nothing to do with Crips, how the hell could they be cousins when Hoover was born in Jackson Miss., Barksdale was born in Chicago ILL., Washington was born in Cali with Williams? They never met face to face to say that Folks & Crips are cousins, people only say that is because of our color Blue which is the same as Crips. Honestly I'll kick it with some bloods then Crips, but then again I feel that me, as a Folks has nothing to do with what Crips & bloods do on that same tip I feel that if I say Growth Development why should I kill & Destroy a member of the People nation hen Hoover started both Folks & people, & squashed beef with Fort? They both realize that our enemy is the Government who belittles blacks & minorities.

On the subject of Initiation & Violation. When G & D was started they did true indeed have codes such as B.O.S (Beating On Sight) which was a form of violation, but Hoover saw that that only hurt our brothers & made them turn on the nation, so Hoover saw that the best way to hurt a brother & help the nation at the same time is t give him a choice of violation 3 of these are: Money payment, Exercise, and as a last result a physical violation like pumpkin heads, mouth shots, & heart testers. Over all I feel as Hoover dose, "Why should i hurt my brother when I could hurt his pockets or strengthen his body & help the nation when the real war happens...". As far as initiation, Brothers & Sisters are to sint in a 8 person 360 with the new-comer across from the superior, & repeat the "We Pledge" which starts off "We the brothers of the struggle whole heartedly pledge our love, life, & loyalty.....". This means that beating brothers & sexing sisters in is over with.

"Freedom Means to Free-Your-Dome"
(Rodrick Emery Sr. - The Blueprints)

With love,
Your struggle Brother
1st C. Bone
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Alls One Till the World Blows