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About Bone, The Creator of This Site

I Guess to understand why this site exist you would have to know the man behind the site and understand his thoughts. And that's me, no one special, not a creator of any organized group of young brethren, not a scholar nor a lame man, not a religious man nor an atheist, not a racist person nor a person who is nonchalant to racial issues. I am just a man who believes that the Organization he chose to join some 12 years ago in the City of Chicago has the potential to do positive things if guided by someone with the right vision.

To understand more why I feel the way I do here is a quick list of individuals I structure myself after.

Huey P. Newton(R.I.P): for his "no nonsense" attitude when dealing with his Organization as well as outsiders.
Malcolm X(R.I.P): For his "by any means necessary" attitude to accomplish his goals of reaching his brothers.
Muhammad Ali: For standing up for what's right regardless of the legal consequences.
Larry Hoover: For his vision of growth and development which starts with self by gaining Knowledge, Wisdom, and understanding.
David Barksdale(R.I.P): For his vision of unity over violence to get goals accomplished.
Martin Luther King(R.I.P): For his gift to turn the other cheek and remain strong under pressure.
Prince Hall(R.I.P): For insureing the blacks/minorities have an equal place in starting, leading, or just being part of Major or minor Organizations.

Each of these men are great to a certain group of individuals for some reason or another, and I hope to be as great as they were, not only to the organization that I am apart of, but also the streets from whence I came.
This is who Bone is.

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