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Well, after about 8 years, 5 drummers, 2 bass players, 2 rythm guitar players, and a timing chain on the short bus, Terminus City is no longer a band. Yep, that's right, I quit. Tired and burned out. Thanks to everyone that has ever supported us and also to all of you that still enjoy listening to the music we put out. It was a tough decision to make but the time had come to call it a day. Our last show was November 22nd, 2004 at the Echo Lounge with the Screamin' Demons and Demented are Go! I figure that was a good way to go out. Anyway, I'll probably end up doing something else later on. We'll see what happens. As for now a much needed break.



T.C. in HOGTOWN Sept. 2001

T.C. Masters of Disguise!

2003 Beer Olympics

Go visit Guillermo at Good Clean Fun Tattoos! (Look it's Frank's sexy leg!)
A big thank you to all of you that came to the shows and supported the band! We hope you all had as much fun as we did!!!!

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