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THE BARRIER By ... Steve Lucky

The Barrier

THE BARRIER By ... Steve Lucky Doing the daily activities in my daily routine, I encountered a barrier totally unfamiliar to me And unlike any I had ever encountered before. No known way of destroying it, going through it, Penetrating it, or even going around it could be found. Why did this barrier exist And why was it so difficult to overcome? When I cried to my friends for help They said it was something I had to handle on my own. Once again I faced it With no idea what to do. Slowly stepping forward I felt A tremendous weight pressing down against me. Did I have the strength to continue Or even stay where I was? As the last of my energy was slipping away, I looked up and saw a light Passing through the barrier. The barrier was desolving all around me. Relaxed and burden free, I walked to the other side Singing a happy tune with every step. Once safely on the other side I turned and faced the barrier once more Realizing the barrier and all it represented Was still something I feared And I wondered if I would Ever have to face anything like it again. Copyright 2000, 2001, Steve Lucky