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SWIMMING By ... Steve Lucky


SWIMMING By ... Steve Lucky As I step into the cold, refreshing water For the first time in almost a year I wonder why I do not come more often. Gradually making my way to the deep end I realize I take things like this for granite, Unaware of what I truly have. Once the water is up to my neck I dive in, submerging completely. Cold water is no longer Something I have to worry about. Moving freely about the pool, Sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly, Gives me a chance to relax. Encountering other people, I say a few words To acknowledge their presence And ask them for things such as the time. When time to leave arrives, I face a new set of problems. The chill of the water is replaced By the chill of the wind. Wrinkles or sunburn can occur from staying too long. Even so, it is something I do not do very often And I think it was worth my time. Copyright 2000, 2001, Steve Lucky