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Challenge Of Kindness

CHALLENGE OF KINDNESS By ... Steve Lucky To all people I issue a challenge of kindness. More kindness and less cruelty is needed in the world And we are the ones who can make it happen By being kind to one another. Even the kindnest of people And even the cruelest of people want kindness. It is something anyone can give, Including people I have never met, Everyone I know, and myself. Being kind is not always easy. It can be very difficult sometimes. When pressure is high, time is short, And nothing ever seems to balance out, Kindness is something we may not even think about. In the long run, however, an act of kindness Is the best thing to do. The gift of kindness keeps giving And returns to the giver Whether or not the gift is acknowledged. Kindness can endure all sorts of cruelty And does not tire or loose its value over time. It is something greatly needed, So I challenge everyone, including myself, to create more. Copyright 2000, 2001, Steve Lucky