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SLEEP By ... Steve Lucky


SLEEP By ... Steve Lucky Sleep, greatly needed yet often overlooked, Giving our body and mind a chance to be restored. Energy to put our problems behind us Reduces the chance of getting bored. Though some problems will return, When relaxed we can face them better. Facing the problem from another angle Helps define it to the letter. More important things will always exist, But sleep will find us eventually. Without preparation when we can sleep, How do we when we dare not be? Sleep will come, like it or not, And for it we need to be ready. A frequent stop on the journey of life, Ignoring it makes it grow steady. Good or bad, friend or foe, Other problems that we face Without the needed relief of sleep Grow and spread all over the place. The problems seem insurmountable As if we are doomed to lose the fight Once we give up, the battle is over That is why we must try with all our might. Copyright 2000, 2001, Steve Lucky