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A Silent Scream For Help

A SILENT SCREAM FOR HELP By ... Steve Lucky She screamed but no one could hear her. She cried out but no one replied. The only thing she could hear Was the sound of her own voice Echoing in the darkness. "Why will no one come?" she cried desperately. "Do they even know I am here?" She looked around but the darkness revealed nothing As she fell to her knees she realized The floor was the only thing familiar to her. She put her hands on the floor and paused Wanting to collapse with exhaustion. Instead she started to crawl, Slowly in a steady direction. Her foreward momentum was stopped By an object making its presence known to her. Feeling the object she began to stand. The couch could support her weight, for now. Leaving the temporary safety of the couch She began to walk putting her hands in front of her With each step she feared Suddenly crashing into something But the way remained clear. The wall came to her abruptly. With a sigh of relief she realized It would lead her out. Feeling the wall she began moving to the right. She felt it was a positive direction Even if not the correct one. Reaching the corner her spirits rose. She had another wall to guide her. For the first time an object obstructed her. This was not a problem She merely felt her way around whatever it was. Until she again reached the familiarity of the wall. After one more corner her hand Rested on a smooth wooden object. It was the door! It was the way out! As she turned the cold, metal knob She found the way to be unlocked "I did it!" she exclaimed greatfully. Still she recieved no reply. When she entered the next room She reluctantly faced the fact That her problems were not yet over. She was still in the dark. Copyright 1999, Steve Lucky