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NATURE TRAIL By ... Steve Lucky

Nature Trail

NATURE TRAIL By ... Steve Lucky Walking down the nature trail, I sometimes stop and listen to the sounds around me. Chirping birds, chattering insects, and the branches of the trees Gently swaying in the wind Contribute to the symphony of nature Human beings will never be able to reproduce. Looking at everything around me, I wonder how long it will last. Will nature trails still exist a thousand years from now? Could nature trails be the only remnant Of the world we once knew? Will nature be able to reestablish itself Either here or on another world Such as the moon, Mars, Or a satellite of Jupiter and Saturn? Nature trails may be found on space stations With the look and feel of those on Earth. Continuing to walk and think, these questions remain with me As I observe the sights and sounds Of the nature trail. Copyright 1999, 2001, Steve Lucky