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About Me

About Me

Name: Steve Lucky

Birthdate: August 13, 1969

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 185 pounds

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Blue

Place Of Residence: I share a house in Snellville, Georgia with my younger brother, Tom, and our cat, Simba.

Education: In June 1994, I recieved an Associates Degree in General Science (Astronomy) from DeKalb College.

I have also taken a course in Writing Short Stories - Science Fiction from Writer's Digest.

Currently I am involved in a course at the Institute Of Children's Literature.


Liberty National

Writing Consultant

Immediate Family:

Mother - Patricia Ann Keller - died of cancer in June 1994

Stepfather - Eric J. Keller - died of a heart attack in September 1995

Father - Arthur W. Lucky - Currently lives in Eubank, Kentucky

Stepmother - Lou Lucky - Also lives in Eubank, Kentucky

Sibbings -

Tom Lucky - born September 18, 1972, lives in Snellville, Georgia

Dave Lucky- born March 10, 1985, lives in Eubank, Kentucky

Page Lucky - born December 28, 1986, lives in Eubank, Kentucky


International Executive Guild

Lexington Who's Who

International Directory Of Distinquished Leadership

Lifetime Deputy Governor of the American Biographical Institute Research Association

Secretary-General of the United Cultural Convention

Awards Of Note:

Editor's Choice Award - International Library Of Poetry (Multiple Times)

Honored Member Of Lexington Who's Who 1999/2000

The International Directory Of Distinguished Leadership - Outstanding Achievements in Creative Writing and Entertainment

International Order of Merit (Membership number 225 out of 500 world-wide)

Outstanding Speaker of the 21st Century

Presidental Seal Of Honor

Hobbies: Writing stories and poems, singing, acting, surfing the internet, and going for walks.

Me With The International Order Of Merit

This picture was taken in late January 2001.

Photo Of My Awards

These are other awards I have recieved.


Documents for the organizations to which I once belonged or still belong.