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People who prefer black are intense and immediate. They rarely tease and are more likely to just grab your hand and drag you off when the mood strikes them...if the mood strikes them...if they can shake that introspective moodiness long enough to feel anything. They thrive on anger and stress and friction...if you find yourself bound to one of these people, keep to the edge and hang on!

Heaven and gentle waves are the hallmark of blue lovers. They love love and can be gentle and passionate at the same time. Blues tease and tickle and then light candles and pull you down to serious business. A blue can be satisfied with one love so long as they are passionate and joyous. Blues stick with you during hard times and are there to dance when times are good.

Teddy bears and melted chocolate for these lovers. They make caring and sensitive partners who revel in romance and relish togetherness. A brown lover wraps themselves in the ideals and imaginings of love and a relationship with them can sweep you away into dreams and whispers. Beware! Reality is a cold, hard bite to these people and everything can come unwrapped if conditions are less than ideal.

It's not a coincidence that green invokes visions of gently rolling fields and fresh spring scents. The lovers of green make enduring and endearing partners who believe in love and romance. It's easy to drift into a relationship with a green lover and never disentangle yourself...or want to. Greens understand give and take...if you give your all in a relationship with one, you'll get everything they have to give...just don't look at greener pastures while they're watching you...that's one monster you never want to face.

Long if you're in a relationship with someone who picks gray for their favorite color. You'll experience both sides of that coin. A female who loves gray comes across as cool and professional. She can shake her hair down but a lump in the covers can have her drifting off in her mind to do her taxes. A man who likes gray is hard to reach and attacks love like a duty. Grays are best suited to other grays...together, they form a very content union.

Vibrant and intense best describe you if orange is your favorite color. You see love as a great party where you are the hostess or host and you take your responsibilities seriously. If you've been loved by one of these people, you'll never know that all the screaming and moaning was for your benefit and that they were only thinking of your pleasure the whole time. Two oranges together is a nightmare of unfulfillment! Just don't go there.

Women who favor pink are clinging to a feminine ideal that rarely pays off in a relationship. A pink female will flirt and tease and reel you in only to cut bait at the crucial moment. A man who favors pink will put you on a pedestal and just leave you there the minute another honey wanders by. Both are more involved in looks and the envy of friends than the feelings of those they snare. You can tell if you've been caught in a pink web about 2 days after the "big party" they dragged you to, to show you off...that's when the calls stop and the chill starts.

These lovers love themselves to the extreme. Always make a purple lover give you a massage first or you'll never get one! Female purple fans are cool and always composed and they'll fuss if you wrinkle their dress when you try to rip it off. Male purple people are methodical and often leave you wanting more while they wander off to shower after any messy entanglements.

One small breath can spark a flame that lasts forever. If red is your favorite color, you are passionate in the extreme. You see no object in your path and will aggressively stampede others out of the way until you reach your goal. If you meet another red lover, it's possible that the two of you may spontaneously combust! If you're not a red and find yourself pursued by one, embrace the passion or get yourself a restraining order!

You'll never find a white lover splashing in puddles or pulling you out to walk in the rain. These people are intensely private and don't like to share intimacy. Have lots of soap and shampoo ready when you find yourself in a relationship with one of these people. They'll spend a lot of time in your shower, and they won't ask you to join them! Lights we really have to do this?

If this is your fave, you're a "go with the flow" type. A hummingbird, seeking nectar in every sunny field and rarely settling on one flower. You flit from the first sweet ray of romance and often drift off when things get serious or dark. If a yellow person turns their glow your way...keep things bright or risk seeing them lose their shine. Yellows should never settle with another yellow unless both partners are prepared to offer each other a very long rope!


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