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William De Stirkelaunde born 1550.

William's son was Sir Roger Strickland(note name change)Roger was born before 1588 in Westmoreland county England & died after 1626.

Roger's son was Jacob Strickland. Jacob was born before 1600 in Westmoreland county, England. He married Amy Salvin.

Jacob and Amy had Matthew Strickland Sr. Matthew Sr born 1626 in Westmoreland county England & died 5 May 1696 in Isle of Wight county,Va. He married Elizabeth Loreen Golsom.

Matthew Sr. & Elizabeth had Matthew M. Strickland Jr. Matthew Jr. was born 1663 or 1674 in Isle of Wight county, Va. and died 25 Oct 1730 in Isle of Wight county, Va. Matthew Jr. married Ann Braswell.

Matthew Jr. and Ann had Jacob Strickland I. Jacob I born ca 1705 Isle of Wight county,Va. & died ca 1790 in Nash county,N.C. Jacob I married Elizabeth Taylor ca 1726. He secondly married Lamer Lucretia Pitts in Guilford county, N.C.

Jacob First & Lamer had Jacob Strickland II.Jacob II born 1741 in Edgecombe county,N.C. and died 25 Apr 1804 in Franklin county, Ga.Jacob II married Priscilla Young.

Jacob II & Priscilla had Jacob Strickland III.Jacob III born on May 6 1772 and died on 1804 in Madison county, Ga. Jacob III married Clarissa/widow/Sanders 22 Feb 1798 in Oglethorpe county, Ga. Jacob III married 2nd Elizabeth Frances Jones ca 1800.

Jacob III & Elizabeth was Hardy Strickland. Hardy born 1 Jan 1799. Hardy married Jincey Ware.

Hardy Strickland and Jincey Ware had Anna Strickland

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