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Happy New Year of the Goat !

National Flag of Singapore Welcome to Craig S. Kiessling's personal account of his experiences in Singapore, as closely updated as possible. And photos will come as I get them developed and scanned.

Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, there have definitely been a great deal of learnings, experiences, little awakenings, and a hell of a lot of fun.

You'll note that within these pages, there might also be found links & such to more info. on certain things.

I try to take notes each night to put up here on the log, but there's bound to be things that I either gloss over, leave out some details, or forget altogether. So if there are some details, some question you'd like answered, you want me to check something out for you while I'm here, or you have a site or SG suggestion, or would just like to drop me a line, please do so! Just visit my professional site for contact info, at CSKnet.

Currently from Toa Payoh to You,

Craig S. Kiessling