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  • Jon Walker - Guitar and BGV
  • E.C. Hamilton - Drums and BGV
  • Aaron Strickland - Guitar
  • Jon Ladd - Bass and Vocals

  • 7-10 SPLIT has played with some of the greatest punk rock, emo, ska (ect.) bands of all time, including: STRUNG OUT, assorted jellybeans, STAVESACRE, Craig's Brother, VALUE PAC, WEDNESDAYS, NUCLEAR SATURDAY, Rod Laver, LUGNUT, Jeremiah's Grotto, Bleach, Plankeye, Pax 217, SQUAD five-0, SPUDGUN, World Against World, Cool Hand Luke, Honey Locust, SKAGNETTI, CREED,7th Vision, SKADDADLES, Jesse an the Rockers, DIMPLES MALONE,Average Joe Aspiring, Offcenter, LUTI-KRISS, and many others.
  • 7-10 SPLIT was offically established in April of 1997, but the guys have been playing together since 1995 (other band names: POLLO LOCO, and NAMELESS PROPHET). As of April of 99, they signed a recording contract with SCREAMING GIANT RECORDS out of DANA POINT, CA. Their full length album "TRIAL by STONE" was released in NOV. of 99 and is doing extremely sucsesful to date! Their new 6 song EP will be released Oct. 3 of 2000. 7-10 SPLIT has birthed a new refreshing feel to Punk Rock. They have created school......"PUNK-METAL". This is a style of music that combines the Melodic and Technical values of NEW SCHOOL PUNKwith the intensity and angst of METAL (Thrash, Grindcore, and Hardcore). Some people do not belive that this can be done but it best expressesthe experiences of their lives. 7-10 SPLIT is a Complete ministry minded Punk-Metal Band and focuses on such spiritual issues as: persicution, spiritual warfare, relationships (personal and spiritual), common witnessing, and alsothey focus on informing people that it is completely fine just to hang out in the prescence of GOD. 7-10 SPLIT loves MEAT, SODA, PEZZ, HEMAN, STARWARS, THE DARK CRYSTAL, CIRCUS FREAKS and MIDGETS, MULLETS, and 8 bit NINTENDO GAMES!