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The following items are things 7-10 SPLIT wants to sale. Email them at 7-10 SPLIT if you have any questions.


THE TOUR VAN! - we just bought a bigger tour van... and we are selling our old one. Its a 1995 Dodge Ram Van, V6 - Custom Van, 1500 series. It has been regualary serviced at 3,000 miles. It has 86,650 miles..almost all highway miles. We are asking $8,950 for it. email us if ya need any other info or if ya want to come check it out.

13x5 TAMA SNARE DRUM - $150 - all maple 6 lug used on the new four song. if intrested look on napster for the demo or find someone who has it.

12x3 1/2 TAMA PICCALO SNARE DRUM - $100 - stell shell 6 lug. used on the "Force Beyond Strength" ep.