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1. Is it true that 7-10 SPLIT buys discounted toys from Big Lots and other "hand me down" stores, and then blows the toys up with fire crackers and b.b. guns? To find out if this statement is true, send us your old toys and we will send the remains back to you.

2. How much Meat does 7-10 SPLIT consume in a whole year? What kind of inquriy is that?

3. What scene are you guys into? Actually, we are not a very scene oriented band, We encourage people to make their "own" scene of true friends that just like to have fun. In the Christian scene we encourage people to stick together as brothers and to unify in Christ. We don't really encourage Christian sub-scenes.

4. What are some of your favorite old school Nintendo games? OOOOHHH so many.......lets see Skate or die, Contra, Karnof, Xerxes, Dino Wars, and so many more.

5. Where did you get the name "7-10 SPLIT"? We got the name from the movie, KINGPIN.

6. Is it true Britaney Spears has a crush on Edwin? Yes it is.

7. How have you like being on Screaming Giant Records? We have LOVED it, they have helped us in many ways! This is a label that is all about insanity. We will finally meet the Owner and President KENDALL NADEAU at cornerstone and then we are staying three days at his house in JULY! By the way, everyone email him and tell him what ya think of us, his email is

8. What should we expect from the New "Force Beyond Strength" EP? Well, we had some Music Scholars for the 5 Japendall's School of Punk-Metal Analize the EP. They were amazed...One Exquisit young Professor said, This is New School Punk-Metal at its finest....Another "older" gentleman discribed it as New School Punk with a dose of older Metallica on Crack.

More questions coming soon..we need lots more,

so send your questions to CHAMBERLAIN the all knowing skekses.