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This is how the Harrier looked shortly after I joined VMA-231 in 1977. This picture is very good because it shows some features that the newer B variants don't have. Such as the Shark Fin VHF antenna on the back, and the double UHF antennas directly behind the cockpit.

Animation of the Harrier (above) is from Lt.Col. Dave Gurney's home page (, as is the Airshow animation and the background. Stolen without permission.

Above is a picture of an AV8A Harrier. This is the model I worked on from 1977-1980. Notice the VHF antenna that looks like a shark fin, the 2 small UHF antennas behind the cockpit, and the pitot-static tube on the nose (The AV8B has the pitot-static tube on the tail). The AV8A is from VMA-231, and as shiney as it is, you can tell it is from an earlier era. This is what they looked like when I first joined VMA-231. The "NM" on the tail indicates this photo is from a Med Cruise in 1976/1977, just before I joined the squadron. I believe they were embarked on the old Roosevelt.

VMA-231 did fly F4U Corsairs during WWII.

Cartoon Harrier on the Door of VMA-231's Hanger

VMA-231 - - The Squadron to which I was attached.

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