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Mary Ann Sallee b. 1761 Buckingham Co.Va.-d.?-M.William Henry Grizzle Sr.

Mary Ann's parents were Isaac Salle & Elizabeth Bryant. Isaac & Elizabeth married May 6th 1759.

Elizabeth Bryant's parent's were James Bryant & Elizabeth LeFevre who married at Mannakintown,Va.

Isaac Sallee born July 27, 1739. His mother died giving birth to him. She was Elizabeth Gevaudan born 1719. Isaac's father was Guillame(English translation William)Sallee b. 1705 in Manakintown,Goochland Co,Va.-d.15 Feb 1789 in Buckingham Co.Va.-M.Elizabeth in 1727. Isaac was the 5th and last child born to this couple. Guilame remarried and sired more children.

Elizabeth Givaudan was the daughter of Antoine Gevaudon, a french huguenot. Antoine arrived in Va. ca 1700. Elizabeth had l brother, Thomas.

Guillaume(William's) parents were Marcus Abraham Salle b.Feb 22, 1674 in St. Martin. Lle De Re',France-d. 1 Mar 1719/1720 in Manakintown,Goochland Co,Va.-M. Olive Perrault.Olive b. 1675 in France-d. in Manakintown, Goochland Co.,Va.

Abraham's parents were Jean/John Salle b. ca 1650 Isle of Re',France and Marie/Mary b. St. MarFins, France

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