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Rob Barron Self PortraitI was born in Brunswick, Georgia. My family moved to Macon when I was in the second grade. We later moved to Lizella, Georgia when I was in the fourth grade. I attended a small school there and later went on to graduate from Willingham High School in 1977. I worked as a machinist and industrial technician for about 18 years but developed a health issue called Meniere's Disease, which caused me to have vertigo and hearing loss. The problem was caused by too much sodium in my diet. I also developed issues with digestion which caused me a great deal of pain. Through research I learned the way food was being grown and produced had dramatically changed, and I was not the only one having issues. I realized I was going to have to be more careful about taking care of myself, and especially my diet. I started cooking more whole foods and I made the decision to retrain and persue work in graphic arts a video production, which had been a dream of mine for a long time. I blamed exposure to chemicals and physical strain for my health condition. I have worked in graphic arts for production since the advent of 3D animation and the ability to produce computer graphics. The first few pieces I produced I created with airbrush and hand painting. Work had to be camera ready and meticulous. As soon as I found an opportunity I started working with computer graphics. I knew of a advertising and production company who was buying some new equipment, so I worked cheap in order to learn the software. Eventually I got a paying gig with several production companies in Macon and Atlanta, Georgia. During the Atlanta Olympics, I rented a small room in North Atlanta in order to work with a production company. I was still trying to commute back to Macon as often as possible, and it all caught up with me after a couple of years. I worked with temp agencies and animal hospitals for a while, but decided to further my education in design. I graduated from Butler County Community College in 2012. I currently reside in Huntsville, Alabama with my wife.