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  • Graphic arts for print and multimedia
  • 3D Animations
  • Animated Logo treatments
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Here are examples of work I have done over the years for video production. My 3D work station crashed and I am shopping for a new one. All of my anims from the old days were lost. I found a website that I had made and saved some still images of those anims, which is what you see below. At the bottom is a link to an old demo reel from my friends at Storey Communications.


3D Animation

MX Ship 3D Town Book Mercer School of Medicine

Space ship for MX Superhero Comic

For the musical group MX

Arden by the Sea

3D fantasy town

Lessons Learned Videos


Mercer University

School of Medicine


MX Space Ship 3D Town Book MSM_right side


The storyboard depicted

a fly by of Earth...



The camera flies throuh the town as the sun sets...



Lessons Learned 3D Stills

for JB Productions in Atlanta



Mercer University

School of Medicine


MX Mother Ship Arden 3D Town KSA Logo WMAZ Cat

Then the ship opens and

hundreds of little ships fly out.

The animation ends at the infamous Green Griffin Inn.

Kurt Salmon

Associates Logo

WMAZ TV 13 retro logo. Animation showed the kitty wink and the number and letters fly in. I lost the anim long ago.

All images on this website are © Robert S. Barron 2011

Storcom2010 Demo Reel