On August 17, I had the chance to see Tuff for the first time since 1994. A couple friends and I got to the Roadhouse early that night, in hopes of getting good seats. Indeed, did we get good seats, but we also got the chance to meet Stevie Rachelle, lead singer of Tuff.

Stevie took time out to chat with us about our favorite Tuff songs and other things. He is really a nice guy. After introducing us to another girl, he took of to prepare for the show. The four of us chatted about many different things as we listened to the first two bands. The first one wasn't bad, except I forgot their name...sorry.

The second one was also good..going by the name of City Girls' Boys. I'll be doing a cd review on them later.

When Stevie and company jumped on stage, the crowd gathered around for what promised to be an amazing performance. The band, performed songs which included American Hair Band, Tied To The Bells, All New Generation, I Hate Kissing You Goodbye, So Many Seasons, and many many more.

The crowd did a sing along with I Hate Kissing You Goodbye, which turned out awesome. The crowd was enjoying themselves as the band performed well into the night.

If you ever get a chance to see Tuff perform, do so. They put on a hellva show and are worth seeing more than once.