CD Reviews

I just got ahold of the new Tuff cd, The History of Tuff and I have to say, it is one amazing cd. I heard American Hair Band for the first time at the show friday night in Sacramento.

The songs were well written, very emotional, and the instrumental sections were awesome. This is a must have cd for anyone who has enjoyed Tuff before.

Tuff has come along way with the new cd, they've truly made a statement with The History Of Tuff, bringing something to new fans and old fans that will inspire them in whatever they do.

My favorite song off of the cd is of course, American Hair Band, but I do enjoy listening to all of the songs.

For new and old Tuff fans, if you don't already have a copy of The History Of Tuff...drop Stevie a line and tell him you wanna get a cd. It is worth the money.