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The Story Of My Homepage
Somethings in life happen bayond one's control.
Just like having an accident, winning a price, or having something fall on your head while walking through...
That's how my homepage's story went on, beyond my control, a trick of technology...
A year ago, like most of internet users; I requested a friend of mine to make a web-site for me; as to introduce myself. And he made a simple and beautiful homepage for me. The homepage was taken from a web-site which provides a homepage for the free users.My homepage included some photos to show my personal specialities; my hobbies, a phone number and an address to contact. From time to time I myself even sent this page to some people on the net.

But when I woke up one morning on the 3rd or 4th of November, I found all my phones continuosly ringing. My lines got locked and I couldn't realise what was happenning. Many people from Türkiye and all over the world were calling me to tell their thoughts about my homepage at internet. Many of them were congratulating me for my page saying it was good; some congratulated me for my courage; and a small group from Türkiye criticized it. There were even some people criticizing my English. I was confused of what was happennig. I wondered how my page attracted people's interest after remaining there for one year. I got bored of the ringing phones. And I thought to have a look at and see what my page was like now. I tried to open my homepage, but it was useless. There was a sign on the computer telling that there was nowhere addressed "".

As soon as possible I went to a computer programming firm to ask what could be happening. I told them the subject, and meanwhile they tried to enter my page and failed. It was still telling that there wasn't a homepage or a site like that. We were all confused, and my mobile phono was ringing continiously. I didin't answer most of the calls. And to the ones I replied I told that it was the wrong number. And sometimes I asked my friends to reply.

That time a friend of mine thought to ask one of the calling people how they found my page. We requested someone to give us the address. It was a bigger surprise to see that address. " " was the new address, which I had no relation with. I had no page like that. One of my friends tried to enter the address which was made mine. And I was wondering if there was any harmful photos or writings that would hurt me. I called the police and told them to find who did this thing. I told them my homepage was stolen, and could have include harmfull things. They started investigation and couldn't find him.

Meanwhile my friends managed to open the page. The photos, the address and most of the writings in the page was mine; but there were some additions saying that I liked sex, and had the hobby of taking photos of the naked models. And also it was saying that I was inviting the women all over the world to my house. We were all surprised and laughing. They started to search for finding who did that and why, and was that a joke or a plot...

I went to the public prosecutor's office and there talked to 3 public prosecutors. But they were incurable in that free imaginary area. I was also incurable, and had no other chance but wait and see what would happen. There was a page which was known as mine, but was out of my control. My phones were continiously ringing.

The day after I went out to talk to the computer programmer of the biggest TV channel in Turkey. But unfortunately he was on holiday. I contacted him by phone; he was in a computer firm. I went there to find him. There I was known by everyone. Because all of them had seen my page, and wondered who I was. They all congratulated me. And as being computer programmers, they were also confused. My page was the first to have 500.000 visitors in the second day. And every moment thousands of visitors were entering.

I told them what happened, and from that day on they are helping me. It was something done to harm me, beyond being a joke.

The sayings of the god once more became true. Someone made a trip to harm me, but everytihng reversed, and he now got harm. Thank god...

It was the forth day and 700.000 people had visited my page. My phones and e-mails were locked. I obtained some more pages from the site that provided free e-mails. But they were even not enough for my e-mails, the areas of 3MBs were not enough. I couldn't even answer my messages. Everything was OK.. One of national newspapers of Türkiye, made my story its headline and the whole page had my story and photos. I was so thankful to them, because they gave me a chance to tell the truth to everyone. From that time on, I started repliying the messages. 99 per cent of the messages and critics were positive. And only 1 per cent criticized my English. It wasn't my English in fact. And even if it was so, I hadn't to speak or write as an English. In fact I was looking for an English or American family to practise my English.

Most of the messages outside of Turkey were coming from women who wanted to come and see me. There were invitings from many people all over the world, many of the newspapers and TVs were inviting me.

Most of the Turkish men criticised me for writing "I like sex". They told this was a complex of mine. And some Turks calling from the other countries criticized my English.

At last I had managed to introduce my country to the world. ıt was an expensive thing but I could do it without spending any money. And no state, or private firm, computer or internet firm could have this record used. In fact many people wanted to give advertisements from all over the world.

From now on the subject changed its way. I was an ordinary person living an ordinary life. I still am using an old 486 computer which is 4-5 years old. I have a house and a car. I am living alone. I like sports. In a week 2 times I swim, 2 times play table tennis, 2-3 times play basketball and mostly walk or ride my bicycle. I can play the accordion, flute and the Turkish instrument called saz. Once a week I go to the classical music concerts. I'm interested in journalism, astronomy, internet, taking photos. I like animals. I'm graduated from two universities. And at last I like sex as every are having active sexual life. It's making me happy to have friends from all over the world, and making new friends and inviting them to my house. I also am a volunteer worker for the people, kids and animals in need and for the environment. I would also go gladly go to the peoples' houses inviting me.

Even after all I couldn't manage to get money from this event. I had some friends who were dealing with the internet. But they were working all through the day. So they couldn't deal with me.

There were thousands of e-mail messages that I couldn't repply I couldn't leave my computer at least 6-7 hours a day. And I had my eyes harmed. There were thousands of people that want to visit my house, and I couldn't refuse any. And I still think a lot about the way to get out of this thing.

I came a well-known person in the world, although I didn't want to be.
I became a subject of internet's famous magazine -Salon magazine-
and in the media of Sweden.-Afton Bladet

I became the headlines of many newspapers and TV in different countries.
My messages ran over a number of 1 millon, and still going on. New web-pages including my photos were running over the internet. There were people hanging my photos on their walls, and sending me messages that they love me.

Whatever happens, my page had a positive trends, and unexpected record.
if I had any possibilities I would like to entertain everyone of my own house.
I'm too happy that I made lots of people laugh and for a minute i could take them away from their private problems.

But I want you all to think about the realities of the world, that I mention below:

-How many children are starving all through the world?
-How many children lose their families, or are violated or become disabled during the wars that they even don't know why it happened?
-How many children are being sold, or made to work and fight?
-Do you know what is happening in CHECENIA
-How many people in the world die of cold and hunger?
-How many people are prisoned or violated because of the way they think or wear?
-How many animals are being killed by the people, or how many are in the danger of extinction?
-How the environment is ruined?
-How many people are made to take drugs?
-How many guns are provided in the firms and how many people are being killed with those guns? Just think of yourselves, what do you do to solve all these problems? What do you plan to do for those people?

-Please, think for a minute. How old are you? Where are all your past years? Can you return back?
-Please, look at your family, yourself, your life, your clothes, your beverages and food, and your fun. How much of these did you share with hungry, poor, naked and homeless people? -How many times did you think of the questions and problems above, by yourself and with your family? What did you do?
-Did you, the humanbeings create the world and nature? Or did you find it prepared for you? Who and why gave you this life?
-Did you, the humanbeings found the world, galaxies, universe, systems? Are we arrenging or directing them?
-Are you sure, that any time, an earthquake or another disaster, an accident, an illness wouldn't destroy you or your family?

I invite all of you think and take care of all these problems: wars, environment, human rights.

The world is our common house. Let's not forget that it's given us to use in a good way.

Whatever language, religion, race and thougths we have, we are still brothers and sisters.
Let's love each other, and be each others friends.
Let's share, share everything we have as possible as we can.
Let's love and be loved.

I would also like to tell you that i would like to invite you all, woman or man, and yours families to Turkey.
You can be sure that i myself your guide, and arrange your stay in here i would be proud of inviting you all.

Everthing is for peace, friendship, huminity and love. As a world's citizen, I love all of you. And thank you all.

I invite to you also to my new site and my new pictures.
in several days.


Copyright 1999 by Mahir CAGRI.. All rights reserved