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Nikon Flash List
for Nikon 950 to 5700**

Updated 10-24-2002

The following flashes should work on the 950-->5700 Nikon cameras: 50DX-28-27-26-25-24-22s-22. I've been following several other threads to see what others are using.
The official Nikon site often refuses posts mentioning other brand flashes (because it won't recommend them) Others I have found here and on Steve's site and from e-mails include:


Canon Speedlite 155A (with adapters- Kevin)

Canon 300TL (anon)

Cullman 36F (Micha Roos)

Digi-slave (gn 79-120)

Metz 28AF-4n with AF assist (David Lee) good info

Mecablitz 45 CT-5 with adapters (Andy Hedin)

Metz 40MZ-3i (Juri Munkki)

Metz 60 CT4 (pictureman)

Pheonix Rf Ring Light (C-K Shese)

Phoenix Z1F 105 N. (John Daleske)

Pheonix 66s Pro Slave (gn 66)

Promaster FTD7000M (anon)

Promaster FTD-5950 flash (Mike Yother)(power handle?)

Quanteray QAF 6600 by SunPak (Ron)

Quanteray 9500 with magic Nikon converter (Rovang)

Sunpak 266D (Bryan Biggers) also a great web page on flash

SunPak 344D (Gene Mury)

Sunpak 355AF (Dan Lauring)

Sunpak 433D and AF (gn 120)(Mischa Roos & others)

Sunpak 440 (gn 131)

Sunpak PZ5000 (gn180)

Sunpak PZ4000 (gn 132)

Vivitar 840 (gn 120)

Vivitar 730 (gn 115)

Vivitar 728 (gn 92)

Vivitar 283** (nford) Check voltage on the Vivitars! (Esp 285-iNova)

Warning **

I feel from these replys that ANY flash meant for use with a film Nikon would "probably" also work with the 950 --> 5700. Also, most of the "other" flashes would require some kind of "Nikon" adapter

There are several lists up and running on the web. Please check these out: Other links at: By the way, I am not recommending any flash here other than the SB-18 which I use and like. The rest are only what I have culled from posts on the various sites est. and it's user postings. David

** Beware of using non nikon flashes on your CP 950 or even Nikon 35mm equipment. I used to be a Nikon dealer and they will fry the flash circuit. Especially vivitar 283/285 flashes. Nikon uses an absurdly low trigger voltage in their camera flash circuits..probably so you will buy their flashes.

Anyway the other brands will work for a while before they fry the circuit in the camera. I don't know what it costs on a coolpix series but on 35mm equipment it (repair) averaged $80 to $120 per camera. Kept the shop busy shipping to Nikon Repair. It's a shame that the 950 only trips the external flash and doesn't have ttl flash. Glad I saved my flash meter for those multi flash shots. (John Geyer)

Big list of flash voltages by: bhammerton 10-25-02


An excellent External flash guide by Ching-Kuang Shene:

Here are some good resources on trigger voltage and how it can damage your cameras:

by: Larry Berman


I just discovered something interesting about my Nikon Coolpix 950. The on-camera flash. of course, makes for very unflattering light. It also is pretty much useless when using the wide-angle lens adapter because the lens blocks much of the flash angle. I went out and bought the multi-flash bracket and, for the hell of it, mounted one of my old Canon 300TL flash units. I set the strobe to "ATTL" and bounced the light off the ceiling and you wouldn't believe the results. Perfect exposures everytime, at all zoom ratios!(anon)


--from (Pictureman) - David, you add the Metz 60CT4 to your approved list. Works perfectly in the TTL mode!


Hey David! Add the Promaster FTD7000M to the list. Works great in TTL with the 950. It's a killer flash for only 199.00 us. Has bounce, swivel. plus an additional flash on the front for fill. (anon)


From iNova - You might wish to put a note on the page pointing out that flash unit models can have manufactured specifications change without being obvious to the purchaser. At least some of the Vivitar 285's seem to have been made with different trigger potentials at different times.


I have an old one and the DC measure across the shoe is 8.34 volts and it works with my 950 without problems. I use the AS-E900 cord with the setup. From other posts, it would seem that the 285 has been manufactured with different trigger voltages. Perhaps I lucked out, mine is very old, dating back to the early 1980's.(anon)

My Cable Release and Flash Bracket page