I waited 22 years to buy This car. It's built around a 1922 French Talbot Darracq, with Sunbeam front axle, Rear axle is part A Ford with French hubs and brakes, the gear box is still unknown. The engine was a 1929 Alvis Silver Eagle which I have not got YET (Have you got one)?. I have photos of this car on a race grid in Ireland in the 50's(see below). I am using a Jaguar engine at the moment as it fits without cutting the chassis. This car is not for sale! THIS CAR NOW RUNS AND MOVES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 50 Years and thanks to a fellow old car nutter I have a nice speedo for the car. The master cylinder has gone for repair this should see me on the road in sept. I drove it for the first time on the road on the 28th WONDERFUL but i will need to get 2 new 18in wheels for the front as they are bent  I found some wheels at Beulieu for the front and one 18inch for the back it is a 80mm hub from a Delage (2 more needed) 

This car is now working well I have not raced it yet as it has a misfire at high revs but I am working on it i have sorted this missfire now i have the front brake pulling to one side (interesting at 70 MPH)        

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3 shots of my car in the 50's at Kirkestone Ireland

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This was my collection, all Rovers before 1947 I have decide to sell most of these to finance another project